Tell Us Your Story

talk-bubble_17-416124326[1]At this point, you know a lot about us. But we don’t know a whole lot about you.

So we decided to take a break from the usual this week to get to know you, our readers!

So tell us: what made you first decide an alternative education (such as The Garden School, homeschooling, etc.) fit the needs of your family? Was it a hard decision to make? What advice would you give to parents considering an alternative education for their children?


4 comments on “Tell Us Your Story

  1. We are probably not your typical homeschool family. We knew we were going to homeschool before we even got married. I mentioned it in passing, my guy (now my husband) said it was a deal, and that was that. There were no qualms and no debates; we have gone forward with what we both knew to be right for us and never looked at another path.
    For others, I would just advise them to pray about it and to know what THEY want out of their children’s education; in agreement with each other. If you know you both agree and that you both align yourselves with God, then the rest is more peaceful.

    • We’re so glad you stopped by, thehomeschoolmomblog! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

      That does sound like a pretty easy decision! What would you say has been the most challenging and rewarding aspect of your job as a homeschooling mom?

      Great advice!

      • I believe the most challenging aspect of homeschooling has been helping my children overcome emotional instability. The educational aspect has always worked out wonderfully, it is teaching my children self-control and patience which we work on the most.

        The most rewarding part of homeschooling, as I am sure it is with most homeschooling parents, is hearing how well my children do when they are not in my presence. It is comforting to know all our hard work is instilling good habits.


  2. Love your thoughts, homeschoolmomblog! Thank you again for sharing with us.

    Self-control and patience sound like two very familiar topics. 😉

    We’re praying God’s blessings on you and on your homeschooling day! We’ll look forward to seeing you around again soon. 🙂

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