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In Memoriam: Marquelle May Miller

(For those of you following this blog who do not live nearby, the founders of The Garden School-Dave and Renee Miller-recently lost their eighteen-year-old daughter in a tragic car accident. In light of these events, we ask that you give us some time as a community to mourn this loss. Today’s post will focus on honoring the memory of Marquelle May Miller-a beloved daughter, sister, and friend to many. Next Friday we will have a special guest post, and two weeks from now on Friday, March 8th, we will resume our regular posting. Thank you for understanding, and please feel free to share your love and support by leaving a comment or prayer for the Millers’ or by sending them a private message at Please also feel free to leave a comment describing one of your favorite memories with Kellie.)

Marquelle Miller

    Marquelle May Miller ‘Kellie’
    Sept. 22, 1994-Feb. 15, 2013

New Castle native, Marquelle (“Kellie”) Miller died in a tragic car accident in Denver on Friday, Feb. 15. Daughter, sister, and good friend, she was 18. A private burial was held Tuesday at Highland Cemetery.

Kellie is survived by many friends and family whom she dearly loved: parents David/Renee (Talbott) Miller; siblings Mackenzie (Christopher) Leader, Reid, Madeleine, Sophia, and Grace; grandparents Ross/Ramona Talbott and Joel/Frances Miller; and enough aunts, uncles, cousins and friends to fill a book.

Beautiful and talented, Kellie’s exuberant nature was a delight to all who knew her. Her legacy at the Garden School community as a student and in her roles in school plays will live on. Kellie attended New Hope Church and had a strong faith that her friends couldn’t help but catch. She was active in the Glenwood Center for the Arts, and last November sang and danced in Aspen Community Theatre’s production, “Crazy for You.” We only got to be with her a short time, but her dancing spirit will be felt in our valley and beyond forever.

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” –Winnie-the-Pooh

As for Me, I Trust in You

If I had the silver wings of a dove,
I would fly away from this earth,
Fly away to your Kingdom, Lord
From this broken world we live in.
Your love is like a dove within me–
My peace, my innocence,
My soul, I give you to keep
Safe and pure in your strong embrace

    –Marquelle Miller, 2011

    Fly away, sweet angel. See you soon.

    –Mom and Dad

Memorial service is Saturday at Coal Ridge High School at 1 p.m.

Memorial gifts may be given in Marquelle’s name at Alpine Bank.